Community Partners


The success of our program model will depend on mentors volunteering to 'pay it forward' and help retail entrepreneurs succeed in their business ventures.

Mentors will be placed with each entrepreneur which DRI Goods accepts as a client, and will provide guidance throughout the creation of a business plan and beyond on challenges the entrepreneurs are facing in the area of the mentors' expertise.

DRI Goods is looking for mentors with a variety of different skill sets, with specific needs for mentors with retail merchandising and operations experience, accounting and financial management experience, and construction experience in the area of tenant finish.

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In order for DRI Goods to succeed, we need strong community partners in order to spread the word about our program model, create a Retail Loan Fund, and find great spaces for our entrepreneurs to locate their businesses.

Are you part of a business development organization who can refer entrepreneurs?  Do you work at a bank, Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), foundation or other financial entity interested in being a part of our Retail Loan Fund?  Do you own or develop property within the Denver Metro Area with a retail component?

If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, or if you have another way you would like to be involved in DRI Goods, let us know!