Meet Our Entrepreneurs

Eden Myles

Owner of Five Points Pizza Denver

Eden Myles started baking in California before he moved to Denver under Blacksheep Baker.  After moving to Denver, he worked at several bakeries before he landed at Crema Coffeehouse baking bread for them at night in exchange for late night kitchen time to bake his bagels.  It gets lonely in bakeries at night alone, so Eden started to entice his friends to come hang out late at night by making them pizza.   Eventually, that turned into a business as he started selling pizza to the patrons at Our Mutual Friend Brewery and the surrounding neighborhoods.  Eden connected with DRI Goods in early 2015 and attended the Business Launch Boot Camp in Summer of that year.  Following his graduation from the BLBC, Eden became DRI Goods' first pilot loan recipient, and in January, 2016, Eden opened up his storefront with the help of DRI Goods in the Temple Bakery space.  


Shauna Lott

Owner of The Long I Pie Shop

Shauna Lott learned how to bake pie from her grandma when she was 5 years old.  Three years ago, she launched The Long I Pie Shop in Denver as a mobile pie shop in an airstream trailer in hopes that one day she could use her experience in Social Work combined with her love of pie to hire at-risk youth in the Denver area.  She wants to give the youth that she works with tangible kitchen skills, customer service skills, and a reference for future jobs as they work with the pie shop.  Shauna received a loan from DRI Goods in November, 2015 and in January, 2016 Shauna opened up her storefront in the Temple Bakery space. Shauna attended the Business Launch Boot Camp in Spring, 2016,  where she was partnered with a team of DRI Goods mentors who helped refine her business plan and have accelerated her business growth since opening. 


Sam Slade

Owner of  Valhalla Cakes

Valhalla Cakes owner Sam Slade has been in the industry creating cakes for seven years.  She grew up in bakeries owned by her family in Chicago and has been an artist all her life.  Sam attended The School of the Art Institute of Chicago where she majored in sculpture and illustration, and later found the perfect balance of a passion and a career through cake.  Sam worked decorating cakes at le' Bakery Sensual before connecting with DRI Goods and incubating her business at the Temple Bakery.  Sam attended the Business Launch Boot Camp in Fall, 2015,  where she was partnered with a team of DRI Goods mentors.  Thanks to the mentorship she received from DRI Goods, Eden and Shauna, and her experience growing her business at the Temple Bakery, Sam was able to open her own retail space in Spring, 2016.  Tucked away in the Berkeley neighborhood, stop on by Valhalla for cookies and cupcakes or to place an order today!